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Meet The Team

Vanessa - Founder & Director

Favourite Scent?

English Rose

Candles or Wax melts?

I use candles more than wax melts, I find a candle encourages you to sit down and enjoy it burning where as wax melts are great to put on while you are working or cleaning for a quick fix of a freshening up the house or office.

What do you do within Willow & Thyme?

Taking care of buying, planning, wholesale and general business admin. I am always thinking of new products and ideas as well as looking at other small businesses to stock in our store. You will find me in the shop and workshop.   

A little bit more about you:

I am 30 years old, I live in Sheffield with my husband Chris who is also my business partner and chief candle pourer, with our English Bull Terrier’s Willow and George, 3 chickens, 2 rabbits, 3 cats and a horse. I love the outdoors and find that inspires me with a lot of our product design and the scent blends we choose. Music is my get away as well as the odd cheeky little spa break! 



Christopher-  Shareholder & Workshop Manager 

Favourite Scent?

Our Lavender fragrance is my favourite, it helps encourage relaxation and I use our Lavender Spray on my pillow to help me sleep. 

Candles or Wax melts?

Candles, there is nothing finer than sitting down and enjoying relaxing with a candle burner.

What do you do within Willow & Thyme?

I work full time in our workshop making all of our products from candles to diffusers as well as the occasional day in our Bakewell store. 

A little bit more about you:

I run Willow & Thyme along side my wife and my dog Willow. I enjoy training at the gym and going out walking. I am big football fan much to Vanessa dismay and regularly watch matches. We live in Sheffield with our menagerie of animals and I have 3 children the oldest now being 21. 


Julie -  Shop Sales Manager & Shareholder

Favourite Scent?

My absolute favourite fragrance is Plum, Rose & Patchouli. It reminds me of a relaxing spa day when I smell it and i think its a beautiful fresh floral fragrances. Obviously Spiced Apple is my second favourite especially in the Autumn which is my favourite month of the year.

Candles or Wax melts?

I am more of a candle person as i love lighting a candle at night and the lovely glow it gives off as well as the fragrance.

What do you do within Willow & Thyme?

I work in our Bakewell store. I also manage stock in the shop ordering in new products. I also manage the  wholesale side of Willow & Thyme along side Vanessa as well as shop rotas.  

A little bit more about you:

I am 48.. married with 4 grown up children, 4 dogs and one grandson as well as a granddaughter on the way. I absolutely love my job, I love getting to know people and enjoy having a chat meeting customers from all around the world here on holiday. In my spare time I love travelling, going to concerts, reading and going to the cinema.



Anna - Sales Assistant

Favourite scent?

Eucalyptus& Spearmint

Wax melts or candles?

Wax melt deffo!

What do you do at W&T?

I’m the newest member of Willow & Thyme, but I’m doing a little bit of everything in the shop; serving customers, keeping the stock up & building displays for window dressing. Learning lots as I go.

A little bit about me-

I’ve just finished my masters in clinical psychology & very glad to be taking a break from education! I love supporting local, small business’ so Willow & Thyme felt like the perfect fit for me🫶🏼 I’m from a big family, 1 of 5 kids so always super busy. Oh and you might recognise me from my mum’s cafe Village Green!




Willow - Head of cuddles and treats

Favourite Treat?

Doggie sausages and I do enjoy a YAK chew (they don't last me long though) 

What do you do within Willow & Thyme?

I keep everyone busy tidying up after me ripping up boxes and running off with things I shouldnt have. I also enjoy a mid day nap and a cuddle. I make sure the shop is always stocked up with dog treats for any of my four legged friends who may visit. 

A little bit more about you:

I am Willow, I will be a year old on the 4th of February 2023. I enjoy going out for long walks (as long as it isnt raining) then spend most of my time whilst at home dropping my ball down stairs so I can chase after it or snoozing on my Mum and Dads bed! I am also related to the lovely Lilly who used to live with my Mum and Dad before I came along.

I am not yet trusted to do a full day in the shop with my Mum and Dad but I am working on it!